Phuket Safari Eco Tour

Snakes Show

Come see the thrilling and exciting snake shows!!!

Here is the list of the exciting and amazing snake shows. Each show you will see in action how each snake charmer catch the snake. The staff will also provide some useful educational information about snakes during the show.

Phuket Snakes Show
Phuket Snakes ShowCobra ShowIt is a very thrilling and scary show that the snake handler will play with a deadly cobra. The most terrifying and thrilling act is a kissing cobra show. Also, you will see the live show milking venomous snakes.
Phuket Snakes ShowRat Snake ShowAn exciting show with a non venomous rat snake the snake handler will show how to escape the attack of this fast moving snake, and he will show how to catch it.
Phuket Snakes ShowKing Cobra ShowThe most thrilling show is kissing a king cobra.
Phuket Snakes ShowPhyton ShowYou can take a picture with a phyton and even put it around your neck or hold it.
Phuket Snakes ShowMangrove snake ShowExciting show with venomous snakes.
Pick Up Time Patong8.30-8.45 AM. | 12.00-12.15 AM. | 14.00-14.15 AM.
Karon, Kata8.45-9.00 AM. | 12.15-12.30 AM. | 14.15-14.30 AM
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